Our Offers

We Are Providing Training Courses As :

Potty Training 


Socialization Training 


Behavior Problems Course 


Basic Obedience Training 


Advanced Obedience Training 


Dog Shows Training 


Agility Training  


Training Dogs For Character Test 


BH / IPO / IPG Training Courses 


Training Package Offer : 

Training Dogs For Personal Protection 


Training Dogs For The Protection Of Private Properties 


For the puppies and older , we are offering training package with Basic Obedience training, Socialization training and Potty training courses:
This is the training package offer with three training courses in the price of one !!!
To learn and pass these all three training courses, puppy should stays in our training center for the period of one month.
This type of training is focused on communication with the dog using your leash and overall behavior issues. We train your dog to become member of the family, your exercise partner in slow running and during walks.

Basic Obedience Training 

  • Puppy will learn around 10 basic Obedience commands as: Heel, Sit, Wait, Come, Down, Stay, Take it, Fetch(apport), Leave it(Off) & command No.
  • But there is a chance for dog to learn more additional commands as: Cross, Middle, Fuss, Speak, Roll over, Sit Up, Shake hand, High five, Jump over & Crawl.
  • Managing Dog on the street , walking with dog without pulling and barking on other dogs and people.

Socialization Training 

  • Socializing dog with other dogs and people during walks. This focuses on teaching dogs to be friendly with people, other dog owners and other dogs. 
  • Training dogs to get comfortable and not to be disturbed with bicycles, noises and civil environment. 

Potty Training 

  • Teaching puppy/dog to do his potty in particular time and particular place. We are teaching your pet to do his potty outside of the house


The owner should be included in the training process by practicing with us at least 2-3 times weekly. 
That is the best way how to transfer training to the owner, to build right and good relation between the owner and the dog and teach the owner how to handle dog after the training course being done.
In the end when dog passes our training course, the he/she will receive "Elite Pets  Basic Obedience training Certificate".

The cost :

The cost of this training package is 3200AED + 5% VAT = 3360AED. Accommodation and food are included in the price of the training.

The payment option :

We believe that every dog deserves the best care and training available, and we recognise that this comes at a cost.
To make our services more affordable, we have partnered with Tabby, which allows you to split your payment into four monthly instalments without interest and avoid further delays in providing the necessary care for your furry family member.

Ours terms and conditions :

Here are some terms and conditions for the dog to be accepted in our training center for the training course or boarding service. 
The dog should be : 
• Older than 3 months of age 
• Vaccinated and re-vaccinated with the Parvo virus vaccine 
• Vaccinated with Rabies vaccine 
• Protected with Bravecto/Nexgard tablet